Frequently Asked Questions

Do solar water heaters work in the winter?

Yes, they are effective in temperatures as low as -30°F (-34°C).

What about maintenance?

It is suggested that you wipe the tubes with glass cleaner at least once a year. If you are not using soft water, the header manifold may need to be occasionally descaled.

How many Sapphires will I need?

On an average day, a Sapphire system can produce 28,000 BTU. That can heat 50 gallons of 60°F water to 120°F every day, enough for an average family of three.

What accessories will I need to buy to complete my solar installation?

Depending on which solar water heater system you choose, you may have to buy tubing, a pump, and fittings.

Do you offer any warranties?

All our 20 tube panels come with a standard ten year warranty. An extended warranty is available that will cover up to 20 replacement tubes per panel.

Where should I install my solar water heater? On the ground, roof, or side of my home?

Ground installation is preferred because it is easier to maintain. However, roof mounts and flat-wall mounting are often chosen to reduce the space it takes up, or because of aesthetics.