Silk Road Solar was created to address the question "why is solar hot water not widely adopted by consumers in North America?". In analyzing the market, the units were too highly priced to produce a reasonable return on investment, and were usually too dependent on subsidies. In 2008, the idea for Silk Road Solar was created and focused research and product development led to the first product introduction in 2010.

The use of fossil fuel or even non-fossil fuel (like nuclear or hydroelectric) to heat hot water should be a thing of the past. We need to conserve these valuable resources for uses where only electricity makes sense - like powering your laptop. With widespread use of solar hot water systems, we should free up 30% of the energy that average households use, essentially creating a new source of available energy without the need for new powerplants.

The ability to reduce emissions, save money, and have fun is really what we are all about!
We hope by providing innovative technology, a great product line, and aggressive pricing, we can provide solar hot water for everyone!

Saving the planet one pound at a time.

Raymond Lam, President

Member of HBA Tri Cities